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The Museum collection includes today more than 700 sketches, models and drawings of sculptures realised by over 350 Italian and foreign artists. Among these artists are some of the greatest sculptors of this and last century, who worked or currently in the craftsmen workshops of Versilia.

The maquettes (models in reduced scale) and the models (to scale) represent the original idea before the translation into finished works. Realised in different materials, but especially made in gesso (a gypsum-based paste), their dimensions vary from a few cms to several meters.

On some examples indications which the artists left to the craftsmen for the realisation of the work can be seen: numbers in pencil to indicate the types of stone to use, or the plans of material to be raised from the block, nails plastered to use for the enlargement, coloured lines to underline the strength of curves and the course of forms, signs and marks left by the dreams of the artist.



The Museum brings together maquettes by many different artists, in some cases an artist was creator of more than one model. These artists come from all over the world, and among them are some of the most important sculptors of this century, and who have developed or still develop their artistic activity in the artisan workshops of Versilia.




Marble workshops and foundries, mosaicists, modellers and enlargers in the Apuan region of Versilia where the artists represented by models in the museum have worked, or where the models or the sketches collected in the museum have been translated into a finished work.




The works of art represented by models exposed in the Museum can be found in museums, private collections, parks and squares all over the world. The Museum offers information and images that concern the translations into finished works of art of the exposed sketches and models.




Events in the Apuan region of Vesilia related to the artists, to the workshops and the models collected in the Museum. They are such as formative events, expositive reviews, contests and other.




The Museum holds a rich documentary file, both on paper and computerized (the Documentart), which collects material about sculptors, workshops and foundries, and in addition many volumes on art may be consulted in the nearby town library. Volumes are related to the artists, to the workshops, to the translations in work and to the models and sketches collected in the Museum.