Museo dei Bozzetti "Pierluigi Gherardi" - Città di Pietrasanta

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Museo dei Bozzetti (Museum of Maquettes)


main location - exhibition of maquettes and to-scale models


Hours from 19th September 2022: Monday 14-19; from Tuesday to Saturday 9-13 and 14-19; Sunday and Holidays 16-19

free entry



via S. Agostino 1 - 55045 Pietrasanta (LU)

tel +39.0584.795500

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Handicap's access :

-main location: : partial, it is possible enter from the back. Notify by telephone






Hours from 19th September 2022: Saturday, Sunday and holidays 16-20

free entry


Palazzo Panichi

via Marzocco 1 - 55045 Pietrasanta (LU)

tel  +39.0584.795500 -

Special access for disabled: NO




How to reach the museum

Museum sites
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  • Guided tours on oppointment: for groups, both students and adults, guided tours to both of the two locations of the museum.
  • Educational services: didactic routes through the museum, educational games, projections of images and tapes and hands-on experiences, to introduce participants to the language of sculpture and local history.
  • Bookshop: near the Museo dei Bozzetti the general catalogue of the museum.
  • Consultation of Documentart: it’s possible to consult the documentary files both in paper and computerized versions.
    Informative service: we provide  information about activities connected to the sculptures that are developed in the city.
  • Stages: by conventions stipulated with high schools, universities and jobcentres, trainees spend periods at the museum, and gain comprehensive experience regarding management of a museum with particular reference to the documentary files.

from information and reservations: tel  +39.0584.795500 -

Educational services



Educational services at the Museo dei Bozzetti began in 2003 in order to supply a more complete knowledge of Pietrasanta  regarding contemporary sculpture and also to make use of the museum collection of the models and to give an easier approach to contemporary art. 

Through didactic methodology and clear rules, the museum offers ideas on sculptural techniques, on tactile characteristics of different materials and on their possibilities of combination. 

Techniques and rules are deduced from the artworks and proposed in form of a game, using more visual than verbal explanation. The reproduction of the marble laboratory and foundry that are located in the museum are used for specific and  technical  clarification. 

It is the visual and manual experiences what really teaches children the language of art and gives them ideas on tactile aspects of objects and materials and the expressivity of shapes. In the end the children find their own way to create an artwork. 





Educational section comprises two specific separate but correlated areas: School and Public. Departing from the services offered to schools, the section has widened over time to include a broad range of specific activities offered to various public groups: families, associations, disabled people, cultural tourism.


Guided tour to the Museo dei Bozzetti


Introduction to the manifold “meanings” of the museum: the history of local sculpture, what a model is, the contemporary artistic background and the work of craftsmen. This guided tour, if required, can be associated to the visit to a local handicraft workshop.